Self Reflection Essay

My work is mostly two dimensional—I construct either digitally or physically with paper or canvas—to create entire worlds of color, depth, and wonder. I often find myself engaging with complex narratives, shapes, colors, landscapes and even creatures to take the fantastical worlds of others’ or even my own imagination and bring them to life in the form of illustrations.

I find myself often looking to both contemporary and classical art to help inspire and encourage me as I work. I adore rococo style paintings and their tendencies to depict eccentric and imaginary scenes. Its use of pastel colors and noticeable textures are simply captivating to me. Pascal Campion is a more contemporary artist that I have been keeping up with for years. His whimsical, flat style and ability to create depth with light and shadow are notable components in his illustrations that I strive to master in my own work.

I wish to create images that convey the rhapsody of visions that live inside our minds by following my creative future in the direction of graphic novels and children’s book illustrations. After having completed two children’s books and starting the character concepts for a third, I am certain that this is where I see myself in the future.