2D Composition

Elements and Principles of Design

Line: A connection between two points, either real or implied

Shape: closed continuous line, real or implied

Form: 3 demensional shape

Color: perception of wavelengths of light

Texture: how something feels or how it looks like it woud feel

Value: Lightness or darkness of a color

Pattern: repetition of point, lines, and planes based on a rule set

Contrast: striking difference between things

Emphasis: bringing attentions to a specific item or location with contrast

Balance: making two (or more) separate things equal in different ways

Proportion/Scale: size of one thing in relation to another

Harmony: all elements of a pice working together

Rhythm/ movement: change in location or position

2D Composition

Look at This

For this post we were supposed to chose and talk about an image that inspired us t pick our major and the classes we are in, but I don’t really have any visual inspiration for this. There’s no one particular image that drove me down this path. Originally I wanted to come to Kent and major in VCD. I fell in love with being able to communicate with people in a way that was visually beautiful. Because I couldn’t make it in that program, I’m looking for a way in from a new angle. My inspiration isn’t an image; it’s the idea that honing my art skills could get me back to where I really want to be. I am inspired by the new things that this class and major has to offer me, the new tools and skills it will give me to be able to use to communicate with others.