3D Composition

1:1 in progress

construction strategies and how the “making” reflects the “meaning”

strategies i use while constructing this piece involved a lot of scoring and making things very planar. although that was my strategy, it was a bad one. because i decided to score the wheels and make them planar to get the round look to them, it was very ineffective because when it came down to it, the wheels ripped when i tried to get them to roll, they just weren’t smooth enough. to make up to the lac of movement in the skateboard i rigged the trucks so that it would at least be able to rock back and forth. to do that i just scored some pieces so they would become round, then overlapped them and only glued the center part to allow the rocking movement. this reflects the meaning because a skateboard is something that moves quite a bit so it was important to be able to get this to be flexible in the same way somehow.


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