3D Composition

Critique Reflection

Critique Reflection – After seeing everyone’s projects, how is art different in a particular place, as opposed to a “neutral” traditional art venue? Were some places more effective than others? What made those locations powerful/significant?

art is different is particular places because of how it interacts with environment around it. for example, Chris’s project stood out because it didn’t follow the patter that the rest of the window panes followed while one like mine totally blended in. i think some places were more effective depending on what type of effect someone was looking for. certain spots could make a piece stand out while other places hide it and depending on one’s goal, one place would obviously be better than another. something that made some locations more powerful were the ones that people didn’t know as well. i think putting the project in a weird are of the building that people don’t usually look at or go to made it more powerful because once you notice that weird project there it makes you question more about the building vs a place thats very familiar where you know what usually is or isn’t there.


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