2D Composition

Final Project: Pascal Campion

    • What kind of movement?
      • He creates movement in a few different ways. His illustrations usually are of people, so their body language usually conveys a sense of movement. The background does the same thing. For example, when he created an outside setting, the trees and glass will all lean a certain direction to help guide the viewer’s eyes through the composition.
    • Do the artists establish shallow or deep space?
      • I think that with the use of overlapping, shadows, and light, Campion is able to evoke the illusion of deep space, even with his flat illustrations.
    • What techniques do they use to suggest that kind of space?
      • Campion created his space by both overlapping figures. When trying to create space with geometric figures though, he will use simple perspective techniques like creating a horizon line and vanishing point.
    • Where are focal points positioned within the frame? Symmetrical, asymmetrical, regular, irregular, repeated, etc.
      • Focal points are placed in one of two places. Either in the center of the page, or off to the side with specific emphasis on them made by color choices that stand out from the rest of the image.
    • What techniques does the artist use to convey a consistent composition? (Unity).
      • I think his color schemes are the biggest factor in holding unity in his pieces. He usually pics a certain color scheme for the entire piece, but breaks it only for the focal point. For example, in the image below, it looks like he uses an analogous color scheme, but he breaks that by using orange on the character in the middle.
    • What techniques does the artist use to make focal points stand out? (Contrast)
      • He will usually make them larger, centered, or give the focal point brighter and more vibrant colors.
    • What color schemes (analogous, complementary, triadic, etc.) does your artist employ and to what effect?
      • He uses all kinds of color schemes. Each illustration uses a different one and the scheme will change depending on the emotion he is trying to evoke.
    • Does your artist use saturated or muted colors, and to what effect? “Bright, prismatic colors to create energy”, or “muted, dull colors to create atmosphere or natural environment”. That kind of stuff.
      • It depends on the image. When depiction delicate moments with his family, he usually uses vibrant colors to help the reader understand that his three, young, children have tons of energy, but he also has other images that use muted colors to convey a sense of serenity or peacefulness.

Pascal Campion


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