2D Composition

Final Project: 3 Artists

Three artists that I chose to research are Mamma Andersson, Jonas Wood, and one of my personal favorites, Pascal Campion. The thing that I like most about these artists is their ability to evoke the illusion of space using in a style that appears to be very flat.

The qualities that connect them aesthetically are mostly their shapes and the technique. They all have a style that is very flat, almost like they were cut out and placed on the page. They skew and distort the illustrations in the slightest way to be able to make these flat shapes look like they are in a three-dimensional space.

Conceptually, I found that these artists create their art as references to other art, imagery from film, memories, delicate life moments/emotions, people, and various objects, and settings. They all create their art because of the things they have seen or experienced in their life.


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