2D Composition

3 Artists

Respond to three of the artists on the Action! list. What techniques are they using to suggest time/movement/space beyond the surface of the paper?

  1. Trudy Benson: she very much takes advantage of negative space and overlapping to create depth in her pieces. she uses various objects and colors that use quite a large range of sized to suggest that some things are closer while others are further away. many of her pieces use a grid of some sort at some place in the piece an i think those are the most successful in creating the illusion of space. 
  2. Ellsworth Kelly: he uses a lot of straight horizontal or vertical lines to create a sense of movement in his pieces. by slightly offsetting the lines from one another it creates this patterns that appears to roll right across the page. 
  3. Andreas Kocks: uses paper to come off the wall and cast shadows to make the piece come at the audience even more. there is also quite a bit of repetition in the shapes and holes cut in the paper of each one. 

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