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“How is composition different with digital tools compared to composing on paper? What are the pros and cons?”

depending on the assignment, digital tools can absolutely be far more helpful than any physical tool can be. for something like making the circles to depict the gestalt principles, digital tools, in my opinion, were more beneficial to making those designs successful. it was hard to use the template because the sized of the circles are so limited and once the circle was planted on he paper, it took a whole process to carefully erase it and place it somewhere else or make it larger or smaller. using the digital tools would have helped to speed up the process of trying to figure out a good composition before finalizing it. on top of all that, digital tools are helpful when working in small spaces, like a 2×2 square. zooming in on a particular point was very helpful to grab small objects or to make a certain part of the composition more precise.

of course there are cons to using digital tools as well. there’s always the nagging thought in the back of the head that says to save the document every few minutes just in case the application were to crash. what if it crashes before getting a chance to save? what then? at least with physical tools once the mark s made, it’s there to stay (unless erased of course). the other con to using digital tools that physical ones can provide is the ability to remain more organic. it can take a while to learn to use applications or programs and how to make patterns or colors or change shapes, where with a pencil and paper, one can just draw it out as imagined.


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